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Commercial Greenhouse Construction From Start to Finish

The process for commercial greenhouse construction can become long and complicated. Don’t be alarmed—a commercial greenhouse builder can take on the heavy lifting for your project! Greenhouse Builders NW specializes in Oregon commercial greenhouses and can take your project from start to finish.

commercial greenhouse construction in oregon

What is a  “commercial greenhouse”?

Commercial greenhouses cover a wide variety of needs. Any commercial operation may consider this type of structure, from small scale operations to larger nurseries or university greenhouses. Commercial greenhouses vary in style, size, and custom additions so you can find the right fit for your growing goals. 

Commercial Greenhouse Construction From the Start

Before starting on your greenhouse, we take the time to learn your growing needs and what style of greenhouse is preferred. Designing and building a commercial greenhouse can have many moving parts that requires careful planning and execution. 

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

1. We Begin with Defining Objectives and Requirements

  • Purpose: Determine what you will grow (e.g., vegetables, flowers, herbs) and your production goals.

  • Budget: Establish a budget for the entire project, including construction, equipment, and operating costs.

  • Size and Location: Decide on the size of the greenhouse and find a suitable location considering sunlight and seasonal changes, access to water and electricity, road access, and proximity to end destinations.

2. Site Selection and Preparation

  • Climate and Soil: We work with you to assess the local climate and soil conditions to ensure they are suitable for greenhouse farming, or include planning for soil management dependent on your needs. 

  • Zoning and Permits: Check local zoning laws and obtain necessary permits for construction.

  • Utilities: Ensure access to essential utilities like water, electricity, and natural gas.

commercial greenhouse builder

3. Design Planning

  • Greenhouse Structure: Choose the type of structure (e.g., A-frame, hoop house, gutter-connected, or other dependent on your needs).

  • Materials: Select materials for the frame (steel, aluminum, wood) and covering (glass, polycarbonate, polyethylene). 

  • Orientation and Layout: Plan the orientation for optimal sunlight exposure and internal layout for workflow efficiency.

4. Commercial Greenhouse Environmental Control Systems

  • Heating and Cooling: Design heating (boilers, heaters) and cooling systems (fans, evaporative coolers) specific to your location and estimation of seasonal needs.

  • Ventilation: Plan for natural or mechanical ventilation to control humidity and temperature - ideally protecting your plants and saving you on utility expenses. 

  • Irrigation: We can help you choose an irrigation system (drip, ebb and flow) suited to your crops to match the design of your commercial greenhouse build. 

  • Lighting: If needed, we can incorporate artificial lighting if natural light is insufficient, taking into consideration the cold and dark winter months.

5. Structural Design and Engineering

  • Foundation: Design a solid foundation suitable for the greenhouse structure and local soil conditions, making sure to plan for any potential erosion to avoid it ahead of time if possible.

  • Structural Integrity: Ensure the design can withstand local weather conditions (wind, snow) or periods of extreme heat. 

  • Accessibility: Plan for easy access for workers, machinery, and transportation of goods.

6. Construction

  • Timeline: Our team of commercial greenhouse builders works with you to establish a construction timeline and milestones to keep the project on track.

  • Quality Control: We will work with you to monitor ongoing commercial greenhouse construction to ensure it meets design specifications and quality standards and keep you  updated as it progresses. 

commercial greenhouse construction

7. Installation of Systems

  • Environmental Controls: Install heating, cooling, ventilation, and irrigation systems as planned.

  • Automation: Integrate automation systems for climate control, irrigation, and lighting to optimize conditions and reduce labor.

  • Safety Systems: Install necessary safety systems as needed or desired, including fire suppression and emergency exits.

8. Interior Setup

  • Benching and Growing Systems: Set up benches, racks, or hydroponic systems according to your chosen growing method or industry.

  • Pathways: Design pathways for easy movement of workers and equipment.

  • Storage: Allocate space for storage of tools, supplies, and harvested produce for efficient use of space throughout the growing season.

9. Testing and Calibration

  • System Testing & Calibration: We work with you to test all systems (heating, cooling, irrigation, lighting) in your commercial greenhouse construction to ensure they work correctly before filling it with stock. 

By following these steps, you can successfully design and build a commercial greenhouse that meets your production needs and operates efficiently.

If you have any questions, contact us here or by calling 503-569-3042. 


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